Botta, Marco

Research Fellow

    Marco Botta has been involved in the organization of ENTraNCE for Judges since 2011. He is currently Visiting Researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Competition and Innovation in Munich (Germany). Secondly, he is External Lecturer at the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna (Austria), where he previously worked as Assistant Professor during the past five years. Finally, Dr. Botta regularly cooperates as external legal consultant for the legal database Caselex as well as for Spark Legal Network.

    In March 2010, Dr. Botta defended his doctoral thesis in the Law Department of the EUI, which was later published as monograph by Kluwer Law International. In addition, Dr. Botta holds a bachelor degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences from the University of Turin (Italy) and LL.M. in European Business Law from the Law Faculty of Leiden University (the Netherlands).

    Dr. Botta is author of several publications in peer-reviewed legal journals. His research focusses on EU competition and State aid law