Videos: EU State Aid Policy Seminar in Brussels

Following our seminar EU State Aid Policy: the Forecast for the next Five Years in Brussels we present two videos with Nicola Pesaresi of DG Competition at the European Commission and Professor Giorgio Monti of European University Institute (EUI) & Tilburg University.

The seminar was an opportunity to debate the State aid policy priorities of the European Commission for the next five-year mandate, the sectors the Commission will focus on and if national courts will play a more important role.

In the first video Nicola Pesaresi provides an overview of EU State aid policy modernisation, stressing the key role that simplification is playing in strengthening competition enforcement.

In the video below Giorgio Monti discusses the role played by national courts of EU Member States in the enforcement of State aid rules based on the main findings of a study published by DG Competition on 31 July 2019, which was carried out by a consortium including Spark Legal Network, the EUI FCP, Ecorys and Caselex.

The seminar took place at the Bird & Bird’s Brussels office on 28 November 2019. Find out more about the seminar here.